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Tigger and Toby Wingate - Foster Home Needed

Tigger and Toby are 7 year old, male, Red (orange) Tabbies.
They are very close in their hearts to one another
and like to play and snuggle up together for long snoozes.

More Information About Tigger

More Information About Toby


Little Elliot wouldn't stop chewing on his stitches after his neuter surgery.
There were problems with his e-collar and nothing else seemed to work.
This is how his foster mom finally solved the problem - with a cowboy hat!
Elliot has been adopted, but this is so cute it had to be shared!


Briggs is a 6 year old, male, Brown Tabby
who likes to be with people
and is good with other cats.

More Information About Briggs

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